Everlast Epoxy Commercial Kitchen Flooring Is EPA Registered

A designer must look at every aspect of contemporary comfort, style and convenience when designing for a new restaurant. For a complete success of any restaurant, besides the food, every fine detail must be accomplished. This not only applies to the customer seating area and ambience of the atmosphere, but also to the fine details behind the scenes, where only the employees will inhabit. But the kitchen and serving areas must be in accordance with special codes and all of the updated conveniences and ease for operation. The commercial kitchen flooring is very important when it comes to restaurants. The detail spent on commercial kitchen flooring can be felt in the dining room.

A Healthy Environment

Commercial kitchen flooring must be slip resistant and easy to clean. Commercial kitchens get a lot of traffic and are normally very busy. A restaurant owner cannot afford for any mishaps in their kitchens. One kitchen flooring idea for a restaurant requires a floor with a chemical resistance against animal fats, grease, oil, alkali, blood, urine, salt, hard detergents and de-greasers. Everlast Epoxy is perfect for commercial kitchen flooring. It contains the registered Anti-Microbial additive to restrict the growth of microorganisms. Because of this additive, the odor factor in commercial kitchens will be greatly reduced and germs from old food will be completely restricted.


One element in a commercial kitchen is to have a healthy and convenient kitchen floor that will last for years. This resin rich formula floor allows the floor to seep into the concrete or wood while it is curing. This formula eventually becomes a part of the commercial kitchen flooring sub-floor. This special commercial kitchen flooring will not peel or crack like other epoxy floor paints because it is not as hard or brittle as other epoxy floors.


These resin epoxy floors are very attractive and come in many different colors. They are fashionable and stylish and will fit right into any design schematic. They are very clean, fresh and are extremely modern in appearance. They come in a variety of updated and attractive colors that will complement the restaurant’s décor and create a very welcome and inviting environment. Many waiting areas, where the customers are waiting for their tables to be ready, are also good areas to use this resin epoxy flooring. It will keep your customers from slipping, is easy to clean and will look new for many years.























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