Laminate Floor Cleaner Should Be Specific For Type Of Floor

Taking care of a laminate floor is not as simple as caring for tile, linoleum or even wood, which the laminate wood flooring is meant to emulate. Those with laminate floors need to understand the structure of the materials before developing their own laminate floor cleaner or using wood floor cleaners on their floors. It is important to understand that the visible layer of the floor is similar to a photograph that has been glued to the surface of the material and the protective finish over that layer can be damaged if the wrong laminate floor cleaner is used.

Scrubbing or stiff brushes are out, regardless of the type of laminate floor cleaner used, as they will damage the surface and possibly the subsurface of the flooring. While the type of laminate floor cleaner used is important, so is the amount of the cleaner needed to clean any stubborn stains on the surface. Cleaners, eve those containing mostly water should never be applied generously as liquids can seep between the joints in the flooring and ruin the floor from the bottom.

There are two issues nearly as important as choosing a laminate floor cleaner developed specifically for this type of flooring. First, laminate floors need to be swept with a soft dust mop at least daily, more often is high traffic homes, to remove any materials that can scratch the surface. Secondly, any liquid spills on the floor need to be wiped up immediately to prevent the liquid not only from seeping into joints, but also to prevent it from diluting the top protective layer.

Making Floor Cleaner In The Kitchen

Depending on who is providing the formula for a laminate floor cleaner, the ingredients may vary. However, every manufacturer offers their own brand of laminate floor cleaner and if used exclusively will help protect the floor's warranty. Scratches and nicks are going to fall to the fault of the homeowner but any blistering or fading of the laminate surface will be protected if the right cleaner is used.

When looking for the best flooring materials, many people look at a laminate flooring review before making their choice. The same type of review is available for laminate floor cleaner products, offering insight on the best type to use for specific types of flooring. Obtaining hints from others on how to properly care for the floor is often the best way to keep the floor in top condition.


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