Discount Laminate Flooring May Be Perfect For Some Uses

While the though of using discount laminate flooring may offer some the connotation that it is not going to last, potential buyers should not confuse cheap with a discounted price. Buyers need to consider the source of the discount laminate flooring and their reputation of selling quality products at reduced rates. For example, a company that sells flooring without a fancy showroom or that buys in large quantities to reduce the wholesale price, may be able to offer prices much lower that its competition.

Many people equate quality and durability with price and for that reason will shy away from using discount laminate flooring for any purpose. In some instances, less expensive flooring may make good financial sense, if it is being used to remodel and seldom used room and the lack of activity in that room will allow the flooring to last as long as more expensive products.

Many factors influence the price of laminate materials and most flooring will have at least five layers of materials laminated together to form the base. An image is then laminated onto the top surface, which is the image seen after installation. Some of the cheapest discount laminate flooring will have the five layers, but will use cheaper laminate glue to hold it all together, which can also cause the layers to separate. However, even the best laminate flooring can curl and buckle if the room's humidity level is too high or the installation was not done properly.

Proper Installation Extends Life Of Laminate Flooring

Regardless of the cost of the discount laminate flooring how it is installed and cared for will help determine how long it lasts. Too many times laminate flooring is installed without allowing for temperature or humidity changes that are going to happen in nearly every home. As the wood in the materials expands, if not enough room was allowed during the install, the flooring will buckle.

One the other side of the scale, if the discount laminate flooring was installed with too much space, during the colder, dryer time of the year the boards can separate, leaving gaps, which likely will form humps when the floor expands back to its original size. The gaps needed can vary, but typically only require about one-fourth to one-half-inch that can be hidden under the trim on the edges of the room. This problem is not unique to discount laminate flooring, as it can affect flooring of all qualities and prices.


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