The Need to Protect Your Garage Flooring

If you have a garage, and you have a garage floor, you will have noticed that keeping your garage floor in good condition is an ongoing difficult task. To often we forget about our garage floor until its covered with oil and other engine debris from our car, dirt and grease from the kids bikes, leaves and grass that blow in when you are parking your car and other messes. All of these things gather on your garage floor and make stains, ugly messes and dangerously slick spots waiting for a rainstorm to trip you up. When you are lying on your garage floor from a fall is not the time to remember to protect your garage floor. Putting garage flooring in can protect your floor and yourself.

Choices in Garage Flooring

You have choices in garage flooring, often more than you want to think about or decide upon. One of the simplest and very effective methods is to use garage floor paint and paint your garage floor. Painting your garage floor takes a bit of work and some cleaning but it is an effective type of garage flooring that stands up to time and most types of uses. You can chose other garage flooring options, but they go up in price and installation difficulty. If time is of the essence, and its always in short supply for all of us, you want to get the most value for the least amount of time and effort, garage floor paint is the choice for you.

Steps to Protect My Garage Flooring

When we most often move into a house, the garage is the staging area in which we store items until we get them put away. The bare concrete floor, while we don’t think of it as garage flooring, is garage flooring. What you want is to protect it, and that does not require too many steps if you use garage floor paint. The first is to clean off the floor, if you are first moving into a house, do it before your moving day, that means less work for you, over time. The first step with any garage flooring is to clear the floor; sweep, and wash the floor. If there is engine oil and debris you made need to wash with a heavy duty cleaner, you need to have a clean floor for garage flooring to be its most effective. Once the floor is clean and dry, you will take your choice of garage floor paint and apply it to the floor with a long-handled roller, just as if you were painting your walls. Often garage floor paint comes with a option to include additions to put into the newly painted garage flooring to increase your grip on the floor. These are strictly your choice and can be included or excluded at your choice. If you decide to include them, you will either mix them in the paint before you start application or cast them onto the new painted floor in an even pattern.

Just remember, if you get your garage flooring installed, you will have less work in the long run in keeping the floor clean and free from dangerously slick spots and stains.


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