Laminate Wood Flooring Offers Appeal And Durability

Of all of the laminate flooring materials on the market, laminate wood flooring is the most popular due to the natural appearance of the material and its durability. With materials such as cork and bamboo, there is a chance the surface can become dented while laminate wood flooring offers more resilience to heavy furniture sitting in one place for extended times and heavy items being dropped onto the floor. Its general appearance also makes it more attractive for a wider range of use.

The materials used in laminate flooring are all layered using special glues and pressure to keep the layers together. Without the appropriate process, the layers can separate and curl, as with some of the cheaper discount laminate flooring, but the use of laminate wood flooring can still be considerably less expensive than trying to install a real hardwood floor. Installation alone can be reduced significantly and when the finishing of real wood is considered, many decide laminate wood flooring offers the best fit for their home.

Once a real wood floor is installed, it will need to be sanded, stained to the desired color and then coated with a protective finish, which can take several days. This means the furniture and activated meant for that room will be delayed. When laminate wood flooring is installed, the room can be used the same day without fear of doing any harm to the finish.

Choosing Strength Over Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary reasons people opt for laminate wood flooring is its strength over many of the other materials. However, it should be noted that not all laminate wood flooring is created equal. The number of layers laminated together, the type of bonding process used to keep the layers from curling and the protective finish applied to the outer layer all determines the overall strength of the flooring material.

The density of the layer material will also protect the laminate wood flooring from becoming dented or gouged. Maintaining laminate wood flooring is relatively simple, but keep in mind that any rough debris such as sand or even kitty litter has the potential to become lodged in shoes, scratching the outer layer of the floor.

Daily sweeping with a dust mop and quick clean up of liquid spills will help keep the laminate wood flooring looking new for many years. It is also advised to use throw rugs near doors to help capture any aggregate products that could end up damaging the surface of the floor.


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