Garage Floor Coating Can Help You Avoid The Bare Floors Syndrome

To the dismay of homeowners, builders most often leave bare concrete floors in your garage. The bare concrete floor left by the builder is not protected in anyway and can diminish the value of your home when you continue to fail in protecting by failing to install garage floor covering. There are several methods for protecting your garage floor which include, garage floor paint, garage floor coating, garage floor mats and garage floor tile. All of these garage floor coverings can help in the protection of your garage floor, and thus provide protection to your home. More than simple protection of a garage floor comes into the choice of what garage floor covering a homeowner will choose. In the decorating of your home, garages are included. Many homeowners prefer to have their garage match the style of the rest of their home, including colors and furnishings. Garage floor coating provides many choices that have not previously been available in colors and inclusions. Inclusions are those items that are put into the coating to keep the floor from being too slick. All of these choices allow a homeowner to be creative in protecting their investment of their homes.

Why Protect your Garage Floor?

All homeowners should protect their garage floors with some type of garage floor covering. Garage floor of bare concrete are open to stairs, chipping damage, vehicle residue damage and general debris damage over time. In selling a home, many factors come into play, not the least is the buyer’s perception of the home. Too often a buyer enters a garage and finds no improvement of a concrete floor, and the floor stained, chipped and otherwise damaged. This does not give a good impression of the care taken of the home. Using a garage floor coating can overcome this in two ways, the garage looks appealing and attractive to the buyer, and by protecting the floor there is not damage to discourage the buyer.

Garage floor coating offers some of the easier and quicker ways of protecting the entire garage floor. Garage floor coating is usually applied to concrete garage floors with paint rollers or brushes, and has some type of inclusion that allows for the floor not to be too slick and cause slippage. This allows for quick application and minimal cost for the benefits it provides.

In addition to protecting your floor from damage, you can also protect yourself from damage. Cleaning a floor protected with garage floor coating is usually quick and requires little effort. When messes, oils and other debris are cleaned from the floor with ease, they will be cleaned more often. Less debris and oils on the floor make it less hazardous to walk on, and avoids falls which result from slipping on debris.


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